Every business or corporation has key people who keep the office running smoothly. They take calls, schedule meetings, prepare reports, oversee mailings, troubleshoot problems, and manage projects. They are administrative assistants and secretaries, and without them the world of business would grind to a halt.

Administrative jobs include office workers such as administrative assistants, clerks, secretaries and other support staff, who perform a wide range of duties specific to their employer's requirement.

Administrative staff supervisors are also employed by many offices. Typically, in a larger company, a service manager makes his way up from support worker to a supervisor or manager.

Administrative assistants should be able to work independently and resolve all kinds of problems. They should have experience in all office work including machine operation and accounting, word processing and skills for filing system. Duties of admin assistant include co-ordination with several departments, and analyzing and solving problems quickly while meeting the deadline.

Office clerks and other support staff generally have at least a high school degree and experience with word processing software, and related trade skills and often work on a part time basis. Majority of administrative service managers hold a bachelor's degree in business administration and are certificate holders of courses in computer applications, accounting, office technology, human resources and business law.

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