As a fresh graduate looking for your first job, the times could not have been tougher. The global economic downturn and its impact on the job market is for all to see. Recession has hit hard at campus's all across the country. Even top notch institutes are not able to provide 100% campus placements this year. So what can a fresher do to secure his career?

One and most important is never to loose patience. Try to make new contacts and use you're existing one to get some work. Even of you work for free, you will gain an experience which will help when the market again opens up.

Consider pursuing an additional diploma or degree in your field of interest which will strengthen your core subjects. This will set you apart from other job seekers and will surely get you preference.

Make an attractive resume and apply on all job sites. Ask your family and friends to support you and talk to your parents openly. Develop new hobbies and do some physical as well as mental exercise. Stay positive.


Don't go by the average salaries offered to your seniors a year or two ago. Those times were different. Thus, it is important that you accept whatever is offered as long as the profile is decent and will get you in business.

Look for jobs in sectors other than the conventional ones. Start up with a company in a different industry that may have a similar role to offer. The option to shift will always be there as soon as the market opens up.

As a first time job seeker, you need to find the middle ground on these things in face of the worsening economic situation to get that fresher job to start your career.

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