It's always a possibility that we may one day find ourselves on the wrong end of a layoff slip. When that happens, and we're being walked out the front gate for the last time, we tend to go back to the same old tired job-hunting strategies we always employ. This is the case almost every single time we need to find a new job.

Part time jobs are life support systems for those who find themselves suddenly out of work and are looking to alleviate their newly found financial misery by finding an alternative source of income.


There are others who take up temp jobs to supplement their income due to the inadequacy of monetary recompense that they receive in their full time jobs.

Most part time employers who provide part time jobs do so with a view to cutting down on their cost by paying less than the prescribed wages to their employees. This is due to the fact that there is a gross inequality in the ration between sheer number of unemployed people and the number of jobs that are available. Most part time jobs do not require any previous skill, training, experience or advanced educational qualifications on the part of a prospective employee.

Don't let the lack of full time opportunities discourage you. Be flexible and be willing to do what it takes in the way of part time jobs to either keep or even grow the income you once enjoyed. Use the Internet, be entrepreneurial in spirit, and you just might find yourself the richer for it, both in your bank account and in your happiness.

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