Teaching jobs now come in an extraordinary range of shapes and forms, many of them enabled directly by the growth of the internet and the new possibilities in online education. Teaching in schools may still be the preferred job description for many teachers, but the horizon has expanded to give teachers a wide choice.

If you want to make a go of an teaching job that depends on online delivery, you'll need to plan accordingly, bearing in mind how the teaching medium and how different subjects make different demands on teachers and students alike.

You will need to adapt your teaching style in an online teaching job. In face-to-face teaching it's relatively easy to connect with students. Online teaching jobs often require you to make more effort to build that rapport. Real-time interactions facilitate this. Webcams and video links enhance your communication. This can be especially important if your teaching job includes providing special needs education.

In the new sphere of e-learning there's something for everyone - from teachers who prefer developing materials to those interested in high-tech educational events. Perhaps the most popular is the last-mentioned. Online tutoring has created thousands of teacher jobs. Teachers are no longer tied to local catchment areas, but can help learners anywhere in the world. For those who can't or don't want to work full-time (such as work-at-home parents), these flexible online teaching jobs are ideal.

The need for education, and with it the growth of new teaching jobs, is growing and figures show that the internet is a key site of that expansion.

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